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Domestic Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection systems are at the core of security systems, whether at home or in a business, these systems can be directly responsible for life and death.Every new house built must have smoke detectors installed, at least in:

  • All circulation areas that form part of an escape route within the building.
  • All High risk areas/rooms eg. Kitchen, Living Room & bedrooms.
  • For older homes, you can put up stand alone detectors, or connect wireless smoke detectors to your house alarm.
  • Integrating smoke detectors with your security alarm system means you have the extra benefit that your fire alarm will be monitored alongside your intruder alarm, so if a smoke detector goes off, you will be contacted by the monitoring station.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

For new commercial premises, fire detection systems have to be installed to ensure fire certification is approved and the building will be allowed to be opened. Here at M&J Electronic Security we install all Fire Alarms to I.S. 3218: 2013.This is the standard that controls the design, installation and servicing of systems. It is the law that fire alarms must be serviced by a competent company every quarter, ie every 3 months.

Types of Systems

We use two type of systems here at M&J

Conventional Type

Conventional Fire Alarms are the simplest of fire detection systems. They will detect fire and alert people in the building with an audible and visual alarm. They cannot individually identify which detector activated the control unit, you will be told which zone has activated the system.

Addressable Type

This type of system gives each detector on a system an individual number, or address. Thus, the control panel, and therefore fire fighters know the exact location of an alarm where the address is indicated on a diagram.

Intelligent addressable detectors provide information about the amount of smoke in their detection area, so that the system can decide itself, if there is an alarm condition in that area (possibly considering day/night time and the readings of surrounding area detectors).

Fire Alarm Devices

Smoke Detectors

Heat Detectors

Fire Control Panels

Carbon Dioxide Detector

Wireless Detectors

Internal & External Sounders

Servicing & Maintenance

Fire Alarms are installed to the Irish Standard, IS 3218: 2013. This is a statutory instrument, which means it is the law. It is the law that Fire Alarm systems are serviced quarterly (excluding some domestic systems). This means an engineer must visit a system 4 times per year and carry out servicing as per the regulations. The requirement for servicing is usually part of the terms and conditions of your Insurance policy, as well as being required by the Fire Officer.

Ensuring your fire alarm system is maintained regularly is the best way to ensure that safety is maintained across the premises and compliance with current fire safety legislation. Our expert technicians carry out regular contracted or one-off testing, inspection and repairs to all types of fire detection and alarm systems.

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